Why Sash Replacement Windows Are To Be Considered

Sash windows are to be found in a great number of homes today.  This may be surprising as these are windows that were originally installed in homes of the Georgian and Victorian eras.  However they have proved themselves to be timeless as a window style and are now more popular than ever.

Sash windows are often the first choice of people building a new home and have become more popular with homeowners that are looking for sash replacement windows, due to the fact that quality window replacements are now being produced by window manufacturers.

Not too many years ago, many owners of period properties refused to change their windows for more energy efficient replacements.  This was mainly due to the fact that the types of replacement windows that were available were not very attractive and so were totally unsuitable for a period home.

This is perhaps understandable from the manufacturer’s point of view.  uPVC windows were in their infancy and the range of style and colors available were very restricted.  Improved window production technology in the intervening years has meant that all of this has changed.  You can now get uPVC sash windows that are very hard to tell from older timber sash windows.  These replacement window units also come in a wide range of colors.

The other reason that homeowners with attractive and yet energy Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet inefficient windows in their homes were slow to consider changing them was that heating oil prices were not very high.  If a homeowner had to leave the heating on for a while longer each day in order to allow for the inefficiencies of the windows in the home, it did not matter too much.

All of that has changed dramatically and all property owners are covering every angle in order to reduce their dependency on heating oil.  One of the best ways to do that is to ensure that their homes are well insulated.  As a lot of heat in a home is lost through badly insulated windows, this is one of the first places that a property owner is going to check up on.

If you have old timber sash windows that are single glazed and probably allowing a lot of air leakage, it is probably time that you considered your options.  You could continue on in your present situation, but oil prices are probably going to continue to rise and there is always the possibility of Governments introducing carbon taxes for high users of fossil fuels.

You could consider the possibility of introducing secondary glazing into your home.  This is where you leave the original windows and install a sheet of secondary glazing inside the windows to provide you with some insulation.  This is an option that has to be considered by some homeowners that may live in a building which is a protected structure for example, but the level of insulation offered is not as high as if you had proper double glazed sash windows installed.