Whip Up Delicious Authentic Moroccan Cuisine With A Tagine Pot

For the more gutsy individuals who appreciate valid Moroccan food, there can not go without a tagine pot in their homes. The following are a couple of great Moroccan dishes that you can prepare with Moroccan tagines.

Moroccan Lamb Stew

In the event that you have a desire for sheep, this is one truly marvelous dish that you want to test. Simply get some Moroccan tagines on the off chance that you don’t have any of them in your kitchen. You could get a cooking tagine and a serving tagine in the event that you like. Prepare every one of the flavors and blend the sheep in it. Pour some olive oil on to the tagine pot and burn the sheep. This seals in the juices. Then, pan sear all the garlic, onions, ginger prior to adding water into the pot. Allow it to bubble prior to including the sheep, salt and pepper. Put the cover on the pot and let the dish stew for about an hour or more until the sheep becomes delicate. You don’t need to stress over the dish evaporating as the cone-molded top gathers all the dampness back into the pot.

Moroccan Vegetarian Stew

For the people who wish to ease off of the meat or really like to evaluate some vegan dish, the Moroccan veggie lover stew will leave you hankering for more. Dissimilar to the average servings of mixed greens that we are Moroccan rugs completely used to, this vegan dish is truly an experience without help from anyone else. You could in a real sense pick anything that kind of vegetables that you extravagant to make the dish. Simply heat up your tagine pot and include some olive oil. Add garlic and flavors and cook till fragrant. Try not to consume the garlic. Eliminate the combination into another bowl. Presently include a more olive oil to the pot alongside your carrots, eggplant, zucchini, cauliflower, onion, tomatoes, garbanzos, currants, almonds, and salt. Mix to blend all that well prior to including a stock to cover the vegetables. Gather the garlic and flavor combination into a single unit and mix well. Put the cover on and pass on to stew for around 3 hours. That ought to be sufficient time for the vegetables to become delicate.

Extra Flavor

Contingent upon how thick you maintain that the stew should be, you could include some corn flour to thicken it. Or on the other hand you could mix a couple of spoons of the vegetables in a blender prior to returning the combination into the pot. These are only a portion of the manners in which you could thicken the stew. Once cooked, you could include a few apricots, raisins or nuts alongside some cilantro on top.


Presently cooking with Moroccan tagines is very fun when you have loved ones approaching offer a feast with you. Partake in the cooking system and the magnificent feast.