Improving Your Team by Attending Youth Specific Coaching Clinics

With the exception of working side by side for an entire season with the best youth coach in your area, coaching clinics are probably the best use of your time to help prepare you for next season. It always amazes me who I see attending early morning and late night sessions at coaches clinics. It isn’t the guy in last place who lost a third of his team to defections, it’s the guys winning National Championships and league titles. While their know it all competitors are at home in front of the television, these guys are burning the midnight oil to get every bit of knowledge they can for next season by attending every single clinic session they can. Lunch, beers with the buddies at the mixer, not for a lot of these guys. Now don’t get me wrong, spending time with your coaching staff and peers is time well spent and many a great idea has been hatched on a damp cocktail napkin.

The Best Attend Clinics

Sometimes I feel, how can a guy that has played in the Pop Warner Title Game the last 2 years in a row sit though 6 hours of my presentations? In December the AYF National Coach of the Year was the first in line to my Orlando clinic and sat through 4 sessions. His teams have won 5 National Titles in the last 6 years. Do the know it all guys sitting at home in front of the tube know more than these two guys? Have they won more games than these two? Are their kids and parents as satisfied as the kids and parents that were on these guys teams? I seriously doubt it. But that’s why guys like these two win every year, no matter what and others don’t. If you haven’t attended a quality coaches clinic with youth coaches that know the game and know how to make it work at the youth สมัครเว็บ ufabet level, you are really missing out.

The best youth coaches have an open mind and a humility that says, “I can always get better, I don’t know everything, I can learn from others. I want my kids to have the best experience possible.” When I speak at the big clinics for Nike or Glazier, I attend every single session I can and take extensive notes, my kids are the winners when I decide to sit in on that 8:00 pm session. I picked up two great ideas listenung to a coach from Northern Colorado talk about program development and player motivation.

Until you attend a clinic, you just won’t get it. A lot of guys who have played a lot of football o