How to Find Your Domain Name Before Starting Your Internet Business

A lot of people have put the cart before the horse when it comes to deciding on a domain name for their Internet business. I know many business folks who have done this and I’ve done it myself when I first started out on the World Wide Web.

But a domain name is too important an integral part of the web site to ignore the research needed to get it right.

Most people, when they first start thinking about joining the millions on the cyber business highway, get very exciting about thinking up the “perfect” name they will call their Internet business, based on the business idea they have in mind.

They go through an array of words and phrases that will be catchy or easy to remember or telling of the type of business they are starting up. After many words combination, they settle on a name and then start working on building a web site.

However, there are a few systematic steps that need to be abc kids followed before getting there. First, one has to find the right niche. You may have a good idea and think you have a niche, but is it the right niche?

So that needs to be done and there is a process to get there. Briefly, you do a search of the idea you have in mind and see if there are enough searchers and potential to wade through the competition.

This article is specific to finding your domain name and assumes that you’ve already found your right niche. Because, here’s the trick, these two really go together. At least if you want to maximize the impact of your keywords on the search engines.

Once you have your right niche, then you create your domain name based on that. So, let’s say that after you did your search you found that your niche is “computer software”.

You also found, through your research, other related words that have high profitability with the words computer software in it, like computer software programs, computer software shops, kids computer software, cheap computer software, etc..