How The Experts Do Air Duct Cleaning: The Process

Air duct cleaning is carried out by a professional company. Most of these companies combine air duct cleaning with carpet cleaning and filter cleaning, whereas some concentrate solely on cleaning air ducts. Before you engage an air duct cleansing service company in your area, you should be familiar with the procedure and ensure that the service you hire performs similar duties.

Reverse Vacuum

The goal of air duct cleaning service is to get rid of any dirt, debris as well as vermin. So, the service provider is required to employ an alternative vacuum system that removes all the debris from the ducts, without blowing it throughout the home. When using a reputable central vacuum cleaning, the customers will find that their homes’ returns are sealed and covered prior to the time that the vacuum is utilized. This keeps dust and dirt from being blown back into air when cleaning.

Hand Cleaning

Once the vacuum is cleaned Professionals will continue with a hand cleaning of every vent and return. The use of sanitizing agents is required in conjunction with the use of a diffuser for each register to make sure that the vents are cleaned and free of mold.

Interior Scrubbing

Cleaning services employ internal scrubbing in the vents and returns. This method involves a huge amount of compressed air and is and scrubbing tools which are lowered down every return to remove dust and other debris stuck on the sides of the vents. It also eliminates any mildew or mold dryer vent cleaning that has grown on the inside of the return.

Optional Cleaning Optional Cleaning: Furnace Interior

There are many furnaces that do not require interior clean-up. The majority of new models can be quickly removed, whereas some require extensive cleaning of the interior. If the furnace requires cleaning by air, a cleaning process is performed on the inside and an air vacuum is introduced into the drop or blower fan, the filter box, interior of the cabinet and a/c coil, to eliminate any buildup that has built up over the years.


The final stage of cleaning is to freshen the air to make it smell fresh and clean. This is accomplished by putting the deodorant spray to the returns , which releases an aroma of freshness and cleanliness to the air. Usually, this spray for deodorant will last for one or two weeks to a couple of months, depending on the frequency with which the system and the returns are utilized.

Before deciding on the most suitable service, the customer should call the service provider they are considering and inquire about their cleaning practices. Be sure that there are there aren’t any harmful, degradable chemicals are introduced into the vents. these could cause respiratory issues for people who are old or immune-compromised children.