Biotin For Hair Growth – How Far is it Worth?

Much about biotin has already been said and written. Biotin is nothing but a water soluble vitamin of B complex group which is essential for normal growth and functioning of many physiological processes. When it comes to hair growth, biotin’s role simply cannot be neglected. Biotin is equally responsible for taking care of fingernails and skin as well. It is because of this reason that people who are having hair loss due to biotin deficiency also complains about brittle nails and certain skin problems.

Sources of biotin

  • Supplements can definitely work in cases of Folexin deficiency, However it is strongly suggested to bring biotin in your diet regularly to combat with the problem.
  • The natural source of biotin includes green pea, yeast, oat, walnut, soyabean.

Biotin with other drugs of hair loss 

It has been found that biotin in an unexplained manner increases the effectiveness of the drugs.

How to use Biotin

Biotin preparations are available in market as ointments, solutions and capsules. One must choose the preparation which is most suitable for them. You can apply it directly on scalp locally or can take the pills where effect can be observed all over the body.

When biotin does not help?

  • It is important to note here that Biotin therapy will help only in the conditions with its deficiency and not in all the cases of hair loss. So when you do not get benefit out of it its better to see your doctor for advice instead of blaming biotin for it.
  • In cases of high protein rich diet, this binds biotin and eventually makes it unavailable for hairs.
  • It has been explained that to some extent people with blood group a have less capacity to absorb biotin.
  • In certain diseases like gastric atony, gastritis, GERD etc.
  • Antacids decrease the absorption of biotin.